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Article Submission Guidelines

The Society of Financial Service Professionals publishes five quarterly Section Newsletters corresponding to the Society of FSP's five Professional Interest Sections. The newsletters are a benefit of membership; Society of FSP members choose to belong to one or more Sections and receive the corresponding newsletters for those Sections.

Society of FSP members and other financial professionals are invited to submit articles for possible publication in the Section Newsletters. Please note that our policy does not permit us to provide compensation for articles contributed to the newsletter.


Articles should focus on practical applications of topics and trends within the financial service industry. Facts should be objectively presented and properly authenticated. The Society of FSP will not publish articles that name specific companies or brand names of products, policies, computer software or hardware if the information presented appears to be solely an attempt to market the product or company.

Review Process

A manuscript should be submitted to the Anne Rigney [], who will review it and work with the appropriate newsletter editor to determine suitability for publication. Articles considered unsuitable for the newsletters will be rejected. Authors may be asked to revise their articles to make them acceptable.


Authors are not required to transfer copyright to the Society of FSP, but will be required to sign a release granting the Society of FSP permission to publish the article if it is accepted. We will consider reprinting a previously published article that meets our criteria, provided written permission to reprint it can be obtained from the copyright holder.

Manuscript Preparation

Writing Style. Contributors should write clearly, in the third person, and avoid jargon and acronyms. Every effort should be made to use inclusive language, avoiding the use of "salesman" or other such gender-specific terms. All accepted manuscripts will be edited by the Society of FSP's Publications Department staff. The Society of FSP's editorial style follows the recommendations of Merriam-Webster's Collegiate Dictionary and the Chicago Manual of Style.

Length and Page Setup. The length of a typical article is approximately 1,500-2,000 words (longer manuscripts may be considered as well). Manuscripts should be typed double-spaced using 12-point type in Times New Roman or another common font. Pages should be set at 8.5 x 11 inches, with a page number assigned to each page. Top and bottom margins should be set at 1 inch and side margins at 1.25 inches.

Article Title. The article title should be an accurate reflection of the subject matter of the article. Authors should avoid language that appears boastful, overreaching or nonobjective in nature (i.e., not "revolutionize" or "the greatest"). Titles should be no longer than 8 words. The Society of FSP reserves the right to change an article's title without the express permission of the author.

Headings. Authors should subdivide their material by inserting main headings and subheadings at appropriate places throughout the article to show the logical sequencing of topics.

Charts, Graphs, and Tables. All charts, graphs, and tables should be inserted at their appropriate places within the body of the manuscript. If such items cannot be produced by the author within the document, the author should insert a reference to each chart or table at the point where it should eventually appear (i.e., [Insert Table 1 here.]), then include each insert as a separate file. The Graphics Department will recreate the charts, graphs, and tables, if necessary, based on the author's submission. In instances of line, scatter line, and bar charts, include the data file that was used to create the original chart so that it can be recreated accurately for publication. If submitting a computer file created from graphics or spreadsheet software, the author should include the name and version of the software.

Endnotes. When appropriate for credit to a source, clarity, or completeness, articles should contain:

  1. Endnotes that provide a simplified explanation of, or technical support for, a complex concept used in the article;
  2. Endnotes that provide references to bibliographical materials that support a statement, represent the source of a quotation, or should be read if further information is desired.


All endnotes should be numbered consecutively and double-spaced and should appear at the end of the article. Do not cite parenthetically in the text.

Biographical Information. At the end of the article, the author(s) may include a brief biographical statement about each author, limited to 30 words per author. This statement should include designations, present company name and job title, an e-mail address or phone number at which readers may contact the author, and (optionally) any industry awards, recognition, or other published works.

Manuscript Submission

Authors should submit the following to the Managing Editor (below) via e-mail:

  1. Cover letter: Addressed to the Managing Editor, and including the complete address, phone number, and e-mail address of each author;
  2. Manuscript: Attached Word document of the article, prepared on a PC-compatible computer.


Questions may be addressed to:

Anne Rigney
Sections Newsletters
Society of Financial Service Professionals
3803 West Chester Pike, Suite 225
Newtown Square, PA 19073-2334
Tel: 610-526-2536

Thank you for your valuable contribution. We look forward to working with you!

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